Friday, 31 March 2017

How to use Facebook autoliker to get unlimited likes

Hello Friends,
Today I'll share a Trick by which you can get unlimited likes on your facebook status and photos with a single click.There are lots of peoplean in this world who didn't get any likes on their facebook status and photos.So to increase likes on facebook,some techy people have developed an online Application called autoliker to gain fame on facebook quickly.
How to use Facebook autoliker to get unlimited likes
How to use Facebook autoliker to get unlimited likes 

Steps To Use Autoliker:

  1.   First of all go to any autoliker website Like
  2.  Now Click on “click here” option to get access token and then click on it .This step Is important you can't skip it.
  3. Now you will be asked to allow permissions to a facebook application. 
  4. Just click on “ok” everytime when its prompts.
  5. After Allowing Permission you will get an url like this ”
  6. ” 
  7. Copy Above url from your address bar.
  8. Now after copying access token, go back to Autoliker and search input access token box to paste access token which you have copied above.
  9. Now After pasting access token,click on submit button below .
  10. Now you will be redirected to a page which will offer services like auto liker , autocommenter, autofollowers,etc.   
  11. Now click on Autoliker or autocommenter,you will see your statuses/ photos ,etc.Select any Status Which You Want To get likes And just click On submit.
  12. Likes will be delivered automatically in seconds on Your facebook Posts.
NOTE: Before Using autoliker,Go to your Facebook Account and then Settings>Followers or click here to Go and make your Followers settings to Public Over there.

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