Wednesday, 11 January 2017

How To Use Jio Unlimited 4G Data With 5MBPS Speed With No limits

Hello Friends Today I am sharing a trick to use unlimited internet on jio without speed cap.As we all know that Jio reduced its high speed data limit from 4gb to 1gb after launching Happy New year offer for old users.Due to this users can't download huge files with high speed as their speed reduces to 128kbpsSo Today we are here with an amazing trick to use jio unlimited 4g data with high speed.By using this Trick you can download large files with high 4g speed upto 5mbps with no limit.

Reliance Jio is giving Unlimited Data Hours between 2 A.m to 5 am .There is no data limit between these unlimited Data hours.You can download Large files with High Speed.We have tested this and we got a speed of about 3-5mbps.The Daily limit of 1Gb is not considered and is not consumed between these free hours.If you still Don't believe then try yourself and comment below.
How To Use Jio Unlimited 4G Data With 5MBPS Speed With No limits 

How To use Jio Unlimited 4G Data with full high speed ?

You don't need any special Jio packs to use this Unlimited 4g in between 2 Am to 5 Am
You just need to start your downloading after 2 Am and you can enjoy high speed with unlimited 4G data with no speed limits upto 5AM.

Features of Jio Unlimited Data hours :

  • No speed limit : Enjoy full speed 4G data upto 5MBps.There is no speed cap between this 4 hours.
  • No Data limit : There is no data limit on downloading files.You can even download 200GB or more.I have personally downloaded 15GB today itself.

Final Words :

 Follow, these above steps and get beneficial use of this Unlimted 4G Data Hours and Enjoy the service given by the company until 31st March 2017.I hope you liked the article "How To Use Jio Unlimited 4G Data With 5MBPS Speed With No limits ". Don't forget to share it with your friends.Because sharing is caring.

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